Collect-IT is the concept for a web and mobile application aimed at gathering a community of people for discovering, collecting, and sharing Italy’s historical, artistic and environmental heritage through personal recommendations.

The repository features historical, artistic, and environmental heritage public selected by the community of users that will choose and curate all the contents, without any institutional filter.

The key feature of the project—that differentiates it from other online collections of digital heritage—is the way users discover contents. In fact they choose other people to follow, that may be friends, unknown people or public institutions. Users can define a set of tags and places they are interested in and see the feed that shows all activity related to the people, institutions, tags and places they follow. Whenever users upload or add to their collection an object, the followers will see it in their feed, and the same goes when an object is tagged with information or is identified with a place users are following. Other ways of discovering contents are the keywords search thorough the entire repository, or discovery among the most popular objects featured on the front page.

Users are the curators (by adding the objects they like to your collection), the subjects (by contributing to the online collection sharing information and memories), and the audience (by discovering heritage through the recommendations of the people they follow).

Independent project - not realized.