MeLa* European Museums in an age of migrations is a four year long research project funded by the European Commission (FP7th). Adopting the notion of 'migration' as a paradigm of the contemporary multi-cultural world, the research project investigates new roles and practices for twenty-first century museums in Europe.

Within the team of the Polimi-Design department, I participated at the research activities of the research field Exhibition Design, Technology of Representation and Experimental Actions, which exploited a design-based research methodology with the aim to develop new museum practices, investigating the potentialities of innovative curatorial approaches and the role of information and communication technologies for contemporary museums and exhibitions. It resulted in the implementation of several experimental actions, and in the design of different prototypes for the production and sharing of the knowledge produced by the Project, eventually ensuing in the MeLa Critical Archive, a digital platform conveying, sharing and cohering the interdisciplinary and multifarious investigations developed by the MeLa research project.

Related publications

Lupo, Eleonora, Lucia Parrino, Sara Radice, Davide Spallazzo, and Raffaella Trocchianesi. 2014. “Migrations and Multiculturalism: A Design Approach for Cultural Institutions.” In Migrating Heritage Experiences of Cultural Networks and Cultural Dialogue in Europe, edited by Perla Innocenti. 65-78. London: Ashgate.

Radice, Sara. (forthcoming). "Design and participatory practices enhancing the visitor experience of heritage”. In ICOFOM Study Series 43/44. Paris: International Committee for Museology of the International Council of Museums.



Politecnico di Milano.

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