The metaCATALOGUE is the concept of an online, interactive, and expandable database of research activities and platform for multimedia developed by the 2012-2013 metaLAB (at) Harvard fellows.

It includes the work of current and future fellows and provides examples of knowledge production that invite participation across multiple fields. The main aim is to produce a model for multimedia that collects information, cross-references, combines approaches, and cuts across disciplinary boundaries.

Research questions
⟩ How does the idea of a metaCATALOGUE interface with changing systems of knowledge?
⟩ And how can it be made relevant to the different communities that we collectively and cross-disciplinarily inhabit?

Some concerns common to many of our projects
⟩ How do we (un)read, (un)write, (un)make meanings not only individually but also communally?
⟩ How to use modern technologies to address and revise the narratives of a previous age?
⟩ How do we use multimedia to craft narratives that also advance compelling scholarly arguments?
⟩ How do we create expressive aesthetic experiences online?
⟩ Does the project raise more questions than it answers?
⟩ Is the project’s approach of general use in exploring topics in the humanities?
⟩ Can this work be applied in pedagogical contexts?
⟩ Can the topic be explored in the form of an interactive work?



metaLAB (at) Harvard.